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Chinese Drywall

Davis Ventures stays abreast of new health hazards in building materials and takes pride in being industry leaders in new remediation practices. Recently, Chinese Drywall has been cited as a hazardous building material. According the Chinese Drywall experts, the terms "Chinese Drywall," "Contaminated Drywall," and "Tainted Drywall" refer to drywall imported from China from 2001 to 2007.

“Chinese Drywall” has come to light as both a potential safety and health hazard for the following reasons. First, Chinese Drywall poses a safety threat because heat and humidity cause the drywall to release gases, which not only create a noxious odor, but they corrode copper and other metal surfaces. Such corrosion can damage your appliances and electronics as well as copper plumbing. Furthermore, corrosion of electrical wiring compromise the effectiveness of your smoke detector, thereby increasing fire risks. Secondly, Chinese drywall poses a health risk because it is so friable, that particles of the drywall easily dislodge, aerosolize and enter your lungs. Gases emitted from the material are also thought to affect the central nervous system.

For these reasons, even after Chinese drywall is removed, the toxic drywall particulate may remain unless property removed by an industry professional trained in remediation. Davis Ventures is proud to be on the cutting edge of new remediation protocols as they are developed. Here are some useful links for more information on Chinese Drywall:

Wind Mitigation Inspector

DAVIS VENTURES CORPORATION wants to help you make an educated choice when selecting a Wind Mitigation Inspector. Below you will find a few topics that will assist you while selecting your home inspector and identify some of the sales gimmicks used by other inspection companies throughout Florida.

Be Aware:

Discounted pricing

Make sure your inspector has been trained how to accurately fill out the new OIR-1802 form. Errors on the OIR-1802 form can lead to cancellations and/or nonrenewal of your home-owner’s policy. Avoid firms or individuals offering large discounts on inspection services. If completed correctly the actual inspection and OIR-1802 form process take a significant amount of time to complete. Time is money, companies who take the time to perform all aspects of the inspection correctly are also price correctly which ensures the information being provided about your property is complete and accurate.

Money back guarantees

DAVIS VENTURES doesn’t give money back to clients if credits aren’t given by a carrier. DAVIS VENTURES is not in the business of identifying coverage or determining who receives mitigation credits. We are a qualified licensed, insured and bonded general/restoration contractor and inspection company. We do guarantee we will be on time, thorough, accurate and courteous. Providing money back to clients has lead to insurance rate increases, insurance company re-inspections, fines and jail time for offenders.


Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form Training www.mitigation-verification-inspectors.com

CGC1516447 www.myfloridalicence.com/dbpr/pro/cilb

Current Revisions to the OIR-B1-1802 Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form

An amendment to make changes to the OIR-1802 Wind Mitigation form were recently addressed in Tallahassee, pertaining to portions of it’s content and as to who is qualified to execute and sign the form. During the March 9, 2010 session of the Florida State Financial Services Commission / Office of Insurance Regulation, a request for adoption of an amendment to proposed rule 690-170.0155( OIR-B1-1802) was approved and is currently moving toward final adoption.

What does this mean to you as an Insurance Agent?

The newly revised OIR-1802 clearly states who is authorized to execute and sign this form. Be certain that the individual that you hire to perform a wind mitigation inspection and sign the OIR-1802 holds the proper certifications and licenses.

Who can legally sign the OIR-1802?

  • Building code inspector certified under Section 468.607 Florida Statute
  • General, building, or residential contractor licensed under Section 489.111
  • Professional engineer licensed under Section 471.015
  • Professional architect licensed under section 481.213
  • Any other individual or entity recognized by the insurer as possessing the necessary qualifications to properly complete this form pursuant to Section 627.711

Our Guarantee

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