Our Partners

Tom Davis, Managing Partner

Mr. Davis is the CEO of DAVIS VENTURES CORPORATION a national General Contracting, Construction Management, Demolition, Restoration/Remodel Company; he is also the managing partner of BLUE DIAMOND GROUP, LLC. A company formed by Mr. Davis and Mr. Holowchak to enable them to utilize their years of experience and construction expertise obtaining and successfully completing various construction projects.

Mr. Davis spent many years developing knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. After serving a formal electrical apprenticeship at Utah Technical College, he began his career in 1975 as a superintendent and eventually began running construction businesses in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial construction. Additionally, Mr. Davis obtained his electrical contractors license in 1989.

During his decades in the industry, Mr. Davis has managed private, state and federal projects with budgets up to $60M. Mr. Davis was responsible for the successful completion of projects across the nation providing pre cast units and members for federal and state correctional facilities throughout the US. He has successfully complete projects through hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Gene, Ivan, Jeanne, Katrina, Gustav, and Ike, ranging from 10,000 sq ft commercial buildings, high rise condominiums and steel fabricated buildings. His 34 years of experience and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction allows him to complete each project in a safe, cost-efficient and timely manner.

Today, Mr. Davis holds general contractor licenses in the states of California, Florida, Louisiana, and is the sole qualifier for DAVIS VENTURES CORPORATION.

Mr. Davis is responsible for overseeing and managing the day to operations of DAVIS VENTURES CORPORATION and shares overseeing the day to day operations of BLUE DIAMOND GROUP, LLC. With Mr. Holowchak and serves as senior project director on certain projects. Some of Mr. Davis’s duties include:

  • Working with Project Managers to develop scopes of work and plans for Task Order execution.
  • Developing documents and procedures to standardize the companies approach to work for these construction programs.
  • Review of all Site Visit, Work Plan and Repair/Renewal cost proposals.
  • Review of Task Order deliverables, including Proposal documents, Site Visit Reports, Work Plans and regular reports to the Government (including monthly status reports and regular Line Item Review reports).
  • Regular visits to all Task Order sites
  • Attendance at most regular reporting meetings (including regular Line Item Review Meetings).

Our Guarantee

To ensure your home, business, and investment are delivered timely, safely and to your satisfaction.