Emergency Mitigation Services (EMS)

Insurance policies require the insured to take a proactive approach to protect their property or structure from further damage (mitigation). This mitigation requirement makes it imperative that EMS is performed immediately following an insurance loss. EMS is necessary to reduce and (mitigate) further damage to the structure and property including possible mold growth due to extended exposure to moisture.

You can rely on DAVIS VENTURES to respond to your EMS needs in a timely manner. We will provide equipment and manpower to BOARD UP openings and temporarily secure the structure until permanent repairs to doors, windows, and roofs can be made. After the structure and property are secure we will handle your personal CONTENTS like they were our own personal belongings. Each item will be photographed, numerically identified and inventoried, hand packed and transported to an offsite facility where each item will be examined and evaluated. Then, a complete itemized inventory list will be provided to you and your insurance company to determine which items will be cleaned and stored until your home or business is restored back to its original condition and which items will be replaced per your insurance policy. Additionally, we will perform water extraction and moisture map affected areas and if necessary, we will install temporary DRYING equipment including air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the structure and minimize further damage and mold growth.

DAVIS VENTURES encourages all property owners, HOAs, and property management groups to join DAVIS VENTURES AWARENESS Program. Through our AWARENESS PROGRAM, DAVIS VENTURES will help you to develop a custom Emergency Plan.
Including DAVIS VENTURES in your Emergency Plan, allows us to immediately respond to your needs and perform EMS to minimize damage to your property when disaster strikes. For more information about our AWARENESS PROGRAM, please visit our website www.davisventures.net or contact us at (813) 443-0876

Our Guarantee

To ensure your home, business, and investment are delivered timely, safely and to your satisfaction.